Services & Assessments

The Alternative Board is a proven resource that more than pays for itself in measurable bottom line benefits. The following tools will be invaluable for you and your organization.

TAB Business Vantage®

We’ve developed an in-depth online analysis to give you a 360-degree look at your company. With more than 300 questions analyzing all areas of your business, the resulting report guides business owners to identify and prioritize the activities and actions necessary to take your company to the next level. This tool also acts as a planning “coach”. By just reviewing the questions helps an owner keep himself and his employees focused on the proper actions for goal achievement.


Financial Business Analysis

This tool is used to analyze your business’ performance for the standard financial ratios. Your business is additionally compared to others in your industry to provide a perspective of how your business fares vs. peer companies. Trending and what if analysis is also available. Your P&L & balance sheet are the starting point. Up to 5 periods can be included, so is the prefect tool for year over year performance where financial info is needed for banks, investors, etc.


Behavioral Assessment

Studies show that 60% of a manager’s time is spent working on people problems; while only 40% is left for concentrating on reaching the organization’s goals.

Have you ever become frustrated by an employee’s inability to understand simple instructions or ideas, or stunned by an employee’s hostility toward you or other employees? If you’re like many managers, it happens all too often. DISC is an assessment tool that helps you assess the inhibitors to effective communication, management and productivity. It helps reduce the conflicts in personality and style that get in the way of problem solving enabling more time spent on goal achievement.

This information can help you better understand employee difficulties, and combined with your knowledge of their work performance, contains valuable information regarding training needs and skills development.


Values Assessment

This information provides insight into the values that are important to you and tests the congruence between the personal values and those of the business. Values are important to enable the assignment of people into jobs that best fits their natural abilities. For example, if working in a group is important to an employee then you can try to include them on special work teams to solve problems or if artistic or general creativity is of high importance to an employee then it would not be wise to assign them to repetitive tasks and jobs that do not require thought only rote motion.


Sales Assessment

This assessment evaluates the sales person’s abilities in critical sales attributes that make up an effective sales process – prospecting, 1st impression, qualifying, demonstration, influencing & closing. For example, their ability to have excellent conversational and listening skills, focus on the customer needs or pain, has no fear of asking for the sale, has exceptional follow-up skills, and others. Also included is a comparison to top sales performers who have also taken this assessment. The purpose and value of this tool can be used several ways. (1) You don’t have time to train someone in prospecting . . . Why not use this tool and get an overall picture of your sales team and then decide using the data who is most likely to succeed and who is not. Utilizing this information and their performance results decide what to do with this employee. (2) You have an employee that is strong in all areas, except demonstration. By use of this tool, you have identified that and can now focus his/her training in this area.


Strategic Business Leadership® (SBL)

This easy-to-use business process moves business owners from a leadership style based on the “idea of the day or week” to one based on strategic thinking.

Following clearly outlined steps, you will define your visions, goals, strategies and action plans to achieve the success you desire. SBL was designed specifically for time-challenged owners of small and medium-sized businesses, so you will find it practical-unlike traditional, more cumbersome planning processes used by large companies. Having this information available to you will help guide your decisions throughout the life of your business to achieve the goals YOU desire.